HS5- How to Use:
  • Q:How do I replace the battery on the HS5?
    To replace the battery on HS5, follow these steps:
    1. Prepare a new CR2032 battery
    2. Remove the sensor from the heart rate textile strap
    3. Use the edge of a coin and place it into the slit on the battery cap, then turn counter-clockwise to point the triangle indicator at OPEN and keep turning. The battery cap will release itself. (To avoid scratching, place a piece of paper towel or tissue paper between the battery cap and the coin.)
    4. Install the CR2032 battery with the terminals correctly placed as illustrated and described in the manual
    5. Make sure the rubber O-ring is in the correct position and does not come loose
    6. Reinstall the battery cap on the sensor, and turn the triangle indicator clockwise to point at CLOSE, locking the battery cap in place
    7. Reinstall the sensor unit back onto the heart rate textile strap

  • Q:How do I wear and pair the HS5?
    If you are unfamiliar with the process or have difficulties pairing the HS5 heart rate sensor unit with your Xplova device, please read the following wearing tips:

    1. Before wearing the HS5: please dab some water or an electrolyte gel onto the electrode contact on the back of the HS5 textile strap. The electrode must be moist for the HS5 to detect weak electric signals from the body.
    2. Wear the HS5 correctly as illustrated before pairing. The Xplova logo on the HS5 sensor unit must be upright on the front. The textile strap should be positioned just under the sternum.
    3. Move within 1-2m of the Xplova device with which you want to pair.
    4. Refer to the manual of the Xplova device to pair the HS5 sensor. For more information, please refer to the user's manual.
    5. If the device still fails to pair, please consider replacing the CR2032 battery inside the sensor. For instructions on replacing the battery, please refer to the HS5 manual.
    6. If the device still fails to pair after installing a new battery, please contact your local distributor.

  • Q:The heart rate shown by HS5 is unstable. How can I fix this?
    After exercising, if the HS5 heart rate data is unstable, such as showing very high rates or fluctuating too much, please use the following suggestions to troubleshoot most cases of instability:
    1. Do 5-10 minutes of warm up before starting to record your heart rate
    2. Use a wet towel to wipe clean the connection between the heart rate sensor and textile strap
    3. Apply some water or electrolyte gel to the electrode contacts on the heart rate textile strap
    4. Adjust the position of the heart rate strap. Make sure that the sensor is upright and is located just under the chest at the center of the body, and that the strap is secured snugly against the skin
    5. Avoid staying in areas with radio wave emissions such as high voltage power lines, microwaves, 2.4G wireless phones or other wireless signal emission or access points, as the sensor data may receive interference.
    6. Low battery may also cause the sensor data to fluctuate. If this is the case, replace with a new battery.
    7. Some medication may interfere with the heart rate sensor data, please consult your physician.
    8. If none of the above work, please take the product to your local distributor.
  • Q:How do I maintain my HS5 heart rate sensor unit to extend its life?
    Please refer to the following maintenance instructions to properly maintain your HS5 for a longer product life.
    Maintaining your HS5 heart rate sensor:
    1. Do not rinse with water nor wash in a washing machine. Remove dirt with a wet towel and a weak water flow, then immediately wipe off any moisture using a clean soft cloth or dry towel
    2. After each exercise session, always wipe clean any sweat and dirt on the sensor unit
    3. Only replace the battery in a dry environment without moisture, and only when the sensor unit and the textile strap are both completely dry. If moisture enters the sensor circuitry, it may cause unrecoverable damage. Please exercise extreme caution
    4. Do not store the sensor unit in a closed or moist environment to prevent the metal clips from oxidizing. Always store in a cool and dry environment
    Maintaining your HS5 heart rate textile strap:
    1. Do not wash in a washing machine. Only hand wash in cold water under 30 degrees Celsius
    2. Do not scrub or use a cleaning agent to avoid damaging the strap's flexible material or shorten its product life
    3. Do not iron or heat in a dryer. Allow to dry normally on a flat surface
    4. Avoid fastening the strap tightly. Always store in a flat position
    5. Do not expose under direct sunlight for extended periods of time
    6. After each use, detach the sensor from the strap and store separately

    Special note: the heart rate textile strap is a personal hygiene item. Normal usage and washing will cause regular wear and tear. If the strap is damaged after cleaning or after using for several sessions, please replace the textile strap to avoid causing irregularities in the heart rate data.

HS5- Hardware:
  • Q:What's in the package?
    Heart rate sensor (with a CR2032 battery pre-installed), heart rate textile strap and user manual.
  • Q:What type of cycling meter or app protocols can the HS5 pair with?
    ANT+ cycling meters can detect and pair with the HS5. The HS5 also supports fitness apps with BLE sensor features
  • Q:Can the HS5 be charged?
    The HS5 uses a CR2032 button cell battery which cannot be charged.
  • Q:What is the battery life on the HS5?
    A new CR2032 battery lasts for approximately 300 hours. With the frequency of one-hour sessions per day, it will last for about 10 months.
  • Q:Where can I find the detailed specifications of the HS5?
    For the detailed specifications of the HS5, please visit the Xplova website (www.xplova.com).

HS5- Customer Service:
  • How long is the product warranty for HS5?
    Six months warranty from purchase by the consumer (2 years for the EU countries). Proof of purchase is required. (The heart rate textile strap is a personal hygiene item and is not included in the warranty.)